Plastic Surgery and Breast Surgery Questions Answered by Our Cosmetic Surgeon in Mazatlán

Patients considering plastic surgery procedures, such as cosmetic breast surgery, performed by our cosmetic surgeon in Mazatlán, Mexico have many questions about the specifics of what they will go through. Dr. Conrado Trapero wants to make sure all of our patients have all the information they need before undergoing treatment. Dr. Trapero is always happy to answer the questions and concerns of our patients. Please review these common questions regarding our practice and our city, or contact Dr. Trapero at our plastic surgery facility in Mazatlán, for assistance.

Why choose to have my cosmetic surgery in Mazatlán?

Mazatlán is an international resort city with beautiful beaches and a peaceful environment, making it a wonderful place for easing through the recovery process after cosmetic surgery. Some cosmetic surgeons who operate on patients visiting from other countries may send patients home without adequate post-operative follow-up. Our cosmetic surgeon in Mazatlán believes post-op care is just as important as the procedure itself, which is why Dr. Conrado Trapero makes it a point to provide quality, attentive care for patients before, during, and after surgery. Whether you are receiving liposuctionBOTOX® Cosmetic injections, body contouring procedures, or breast surgery, our Mazatlán cosmetic surgeon's care does not stop when you leave our center.

Is it possible for me to bring family or friends to support me during my treatment?

Yes! Every patient who receives treatment with us may bring two family members, or two friends, to accompany them during recovery and we can provide the accommodations while in the area. The cost of their stay in Mazatlán is included in the total cost of the cosmetic surgery procedure.

Is Mazatlán a modern and secure city that provides quality medical services?

Yes. Mazatlán is a beautiful city with a focus on international tourism. Security for tourists is a top priority, and Mazatlán has some of the most prestigious hospitals in Mexico.

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Does Mazatlán have an embassy or representative office of the United States?

Mazatlán is home to a Canadian embassy as well as representative offices of the United States Embassy. These offices attend to the needs of thousands of international tourists that arrive in Mazatlán each year.

What is included in the cost of my surgery?

Once the initial consultation is complete and the procedures decided upon with our cosmetic surgeon in Mazatlán, you will receive the cost of surgery, including a five-day stay in a five-star hotel here in Mazatlán and various hospital expenses, such as use of the operation room, private recovery room, and intravenous medication. All transport between the airport, hotel, and hospital is also included, as well as honoraries for the medical team. Food and drinks are not included in the total price.

What isn't included in the cost of my surgery?

Although rare, there are always risks of complications during surgery. Further medical costs and extra time spent in the hospital due to a complication will be an additional cost. We have never had a case like this; however it is important that the patient have all the information before the procedure. All risks will be explained to the patient in detail before undergoing the procedure.

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If you are considering undergoing a procedure, such as Faceliftlip enhancement, or breast surgery, at our Mazatlán practice, Dr. Conrado Trapero understands you have many questions that deserve honest and thorough answers. For more information on our array of aesthetic treatments, contact cosmetic surgeon Conrado Trapero, M.D. in Mazatlán today.

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